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Muscle pain can happen to anyone, regardless of their age. Over-exhaustion, inflammation, general tension can all contribute to pain that painkillers can’t treat. Medicaments only tend to suppress the nerves that report the pain, but they don’t treat the cause of the issue. After a strenuous exercise, strain or pull, long periods standing, or slouching, massage would be a great way to relax tense muscles. Nowadays, you don’t even have to go to a parlor to get it done for you, nor buy expensive devices. A centuries-old thermal massage method can do wonders to sore muscles. And there’s no better option for such a price than KoreSphere!

KoreSphere is an easy way to relieve muscle pain and tension in home conditions. It is low-maintenance, simple to use, and durable, so it will serve you wherever and whenever you want!

What makes KoreSphere so special?

KoreSphere is an excellent thermal massager. In the shape of a ball, it allows you to roll a heated or cooled sphere in the hurting area. The massager will then soothe aching joints and muscles, alleviate stiffness, reduce lactic acid buildup, and bring down swelling depending on whether you’re using cold therapy or heat. All you need to do for KoreSphere to work is remove the stainless-steel sphere from its plastic case, place it in hot or cold water for 15 minutes, allowing the inner thermal gel to absorb the temperature, and that’s it! Now you can use it with or without the case to target the areas that ache the most. 20 minutes of massage, together with 20 minutes of relaxation, will do wonders for your body. Hot therapy is known to provide relief from such medical conditions as myofascial pain syndrome, arthritis, and fibromyalgia, among others. Meanwhile, cold therapy tends to relieve pain caused by tendonitis, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and other similar conditions. No need to go to a massage parlor – with this massager all your pain will effectively go away, and for much less!

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